Starting Out In Cyber Sec- TryHackMe

Hello folks, I am Samarth Dad, wanna be Penetration Tester. I am here with a well known platform which is famous for practice of pentesting and also for gaining knowledge regarding to Cyber Security, that is, TryHackMe.

We are directly jumped at the basic room which tells us about the security terms used by the Cyber Security Experts to call out the professional of it.

As per the Cyber Security field, there are two major fields, that are, Offensive Security and Defensive Security.

Offensive Security imitates real-world attacks that can hit a company or an organization, and they perform all the necessary steps that attackers would use. By assuming the role of an attacker, they show organizations what could be backdoors or exploitable vulnerabilities that pose a threat to their cyber security.

Defensive Security, totality assesses network security and identifies any possible vulnerabilities and find ways to defend, change and re-group defense mechanisms to make incident response much stronger. Defensive team needs to be aware of the same malicious tactics, techniques and procedures in order to build response strategies around them.

I also attached 2 screenshot of what the TryHackMe said about the security terms.

That’s it for a prior knowledge to start the real pentesting on this platform.

I hope you like this article and also you will learn things from here. Stay connected with me, I will be back with a new article for you.

Till then, Happy Hacking, Happy Cracking!!!

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